Bookmakers Review List WSEX, Matchbook, BetPhoenix and BetHorizon as Troubled

Bookmaker Review, a site that categorizes and grades sportsbooks around the globe has posted an interesting review of WSEX, BetPhoenix, Matchbook and BetHorizon.   The most interesting aspect of this post (link below) calls out BetPhoenix and SBR.  The small post goes on to say, “Curiously Bookmakers Review has heard that Sportsbook Review powers BetPhoenix affiliate program. If that’s the case, it would explain why BP problems do not make the SBR homepage.”

What SBRB understands about this situation.   Its interesting seeing both sites go down at the same time and makes one wonder about the connection.  Is SBR’s site being hosted on BP’s servers or is it possible the affiliate software is tied into SBR’s site that forces it to come down if BP is having an issue or upgrading.  More over, does it really matter?

SBRB has a keen understanding of how SBR works, however we feel SBR has been pretty fair in allowing negative press posted on its site regarding BetPhoenix.   In fact, most of the issues listed have already been brought to light on the SBR forum.

Now, with that being said, we also feel SBR has obvious agendas that it should face up to.  BetHorizon’s has always been short on cash.  This comes from multiple individuals who have managed the company.  It’s uncanny how Horizon never slip down on the grading scale and mods stay far away from commenting on any negative post about them.   Another example, Jazz sportsbook.  For years Jazz and SBR have been at odds.  Jazz had a 100% payout record, but never had a rating higher than B-.  The reason is simple, money.

Nothing is perfect in this wild world of offshore sports gambling, but its safe to say SBR has been the best help for players in need.  They have excellent connections and have a well-respected site.  No matter how they make money, they have been instrumental in getting players paid, kept players away from rogue books, and helped negotiate deals that helped sportsbooks in need find a new home.  All in all, you can’t help being a fan if you really care about players.

Yes, no doubt WSEX, Matchbook and Horizon are in trouble.  You can also add Jazz to that list.  In the end, BetPhoenix will be fine by football.  It has been reported by a poster on SBR that BP’s sister book WagerChief took 5 weeks to pay him.  WC manager acknowledged the slow pay, but keep in mind players are getting paid.  Good luck, trying to get a payout from BetSportsWeb or Bet911.

What about Bookmaker Review?  Bookmaker Review is a site more geared towards the European market, but reviews US and Asian facing sportsbooks as well.  What might interest you is they also generate money from affiliate deals like the one they pointed out in the article.  Even though they might be a tad hypocritical they certainly are a good advocacy site.  We have first hand knowledge of this.

twoplustwo is a site that caters to poker players and has broken major scams and issues facing that industry.

To read the article use the link below.


BetSportsWeb Closes?

Sportsbook Review Blog has got it right again.  BetSportsWeb’s website is down and they are not paying players.  The owner is said to be working out of the Jazz Sports office while unfortunate BetSportsWeb players with balances (est. 60k+) are left with empty pockets.

When will this little blog get some credit?  Viewers here were made aware of both BSW and Bet911 long before they became insolvent.

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Update*BetSportsWeb’s website has been online for the last few weeks with this curious message: We are relocating our data centers, you may experience problems loggin in.  We expect to be fully operational soon.

Could this be the ultimate sportsbook bait and switch scheme?  Could a wagering website has the audacity to go offline during the end of baseball, not pay its players, and come back live during the beginning of football?  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  This book lacks vision, management and most importantly financial stability.  Any player going back to the bonus well should seriously consider therapy.

2010 Sportsbooks News in Review – Part 1

Ever so slightly you can see a tiny change in the offshore betting landscape this year.  Thousands of sports bettors worldwide are witnessing a change, but many are too busy to take note.  Six months into 2010 has already seen some major changes.  Sportsbook Review Blog will take the time to reveal some of this years events.

What happens when you play at an offshore sportsbook that is well established and never has payout problems only to see it fade faster than a dying star?  Your left scratching your head and wondering who can I trust with my money.  A perfect example of this is the BetOnSports fiasco that left a bad taste for many offshore bettors.

2010 has already shaped up to be an eye awakening year for solid operations having major problems.  Some of this may be due to the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed by the Bush administration.    Some operations fold or run into trouble by miss handling money, poor bookmaking or running an all out scam.

One such book to run into problems is Jazz Sports.  This offshore sportsbook in Costa Rica is well established and could not be more respected by its peers.  Until recently, players were paid same day without the normal issues facing bettors trying to collect winnings.  It seems Jazz has ran aground with some huge money problems.   When solid operations run into issues like Jazz it really shortens the scope of sites players can relay on for safe and secure payouts.

Another long-standing sportsbook to run into financial problems is the World Sports Exchange.  For those of you not aware, WSEX is a pioneer offshore sports betting operation started back in 1995.  In fact, many of today’s operators are in the business because of the success of WSEX and its charismatic owner Jay Cohen.  Mr. Cohen was the first person convicted of breaking the wire act due to running an offshore sportsbook.   Sadly, this historic super book has also seen better days and is currently slow paying players due to a lack of funds.

60 Minutes link with Jay Cohen and Steve Schillinger quotes in 2003.

A book with a smaller pedigree that failed in 2010 includes Bet911.  Sportsbook Review Blog was the first to blow the whistle against this sportsbook charade.  Players didn’t listen and were once again taken by the constant shilling and unfounded upgrades given by the major sports betting forums.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have his or her ear to the ground, but the obvious warning signs were everywhere.   Bet911 is still open as a deposit only sportsbook.

An operation with a long-standing player base to simply move into a new direction (twice) is Skybook.  Skybook has been known as a solid out with some good value.  The owners closed up shop last year and have moved twice and are now operating as a sister book at BetPhoenix.

Speaking of BetPhoenix, we ran a post on the health and welfare of BetPhoenix titled BetPhoenix in Trouble?   Looks like the sportsbook is getting those payouts out faster to the happiness of its players.  However, this is another indication that sportsbooks are having some issues no matter how secure they seem.  Phoenix, Bookmaker, JustBet, BetUS, Sportsbook, Sports Interaction, and others are having some minor delays in payouts.  Players should understand to be a tad more patient while being aware of any trouble signs.

2010 has reviled some real life dark moments as well.  The Shrink and his wife committed suicide this year to the shock of many offshore forum viewers especially from EOG.  It has been speculated the death is related to some major outstanding gambling debts.

In happier news, sportsbook giants Bookmaker/CRIS have continued to bail out other troubled long-standing books like LasPalmas this year.  BetFirstClass has survived without a scratch after its founder was deported to the US to face tax fraud.  Many other sportsbooks, touts, webmasters and affiliates are thriving in 2010 even though many thought UIGEA was going to be a death-blow.

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BetPhoenix In Trouble?

Players are once again bashing BetPhoenix on the forums (EOG, SBR, Covers) saying the book is “slow paying”.  Of course it’s not the first time we heard this and unfortunately it wont be the last for Phoenix.

The sportsbook may be having some “growing” pains or might be in the middle of a management change.   Its obvious something is going on, but SBRB does not believe it to be anything sinister.

What does Sportsbook Review Blog know about BetPhoenix.

The book has excellent ownership and strong financial backing.  They have a seasoned veteran in Richard Jones who has the experience to weather any storm.  The book has some key line managers with a great deal of time and experience to help guide them.  The future still looks bright for this book.

Now the negative.

They are growing at an unreal rate and have gobbled up small to medium-sized shops at lightning speed.   Each book requires an integration and possible some debt payoffs.

The book while maintaining a strong understanding of cost effectiveness has seen amazing success.  That success might be the reason why players feel they are losing touch.   Look at 5Dimes and Bookmaker.  (Both great books, but the main issue with players is they feel they are just a number.)

We interviewed a BetPhoenix player and asked him how he felt about the book currently.  “I like the book overall and have been playing there for some time now.  I guess my only issue is the payout changes.  I loved getting big checks within a week, but now that and other options are no longer available to me.” My next question was, will you continue to bet there?  “Yes, I really like what they offer and I love the bonuses I get”. -Jimmy

It’s plausible to consider rapid success, the off-season and a slight lack of focus to blame here.

BetPhoenix in trouble?  Not at all.

**Sports-1 also under the BetPhoenix umbrella (BetMania, BetOT, Sports-1, WagerChief, Skybook) is having some issues paying out via Moneybookers.  Obviously, a slowdown in the non US market has decreased the amount of money available in Moneybookers amongst other e-wallets.  Players willing to wait 2-4 weeks for payouts should continue playing without worry.  Players wanting quick payouts via e-wallets should consider other options over the next few weeks.

On a more positive note; BetPhoenix is in the middle of making some positive upgrades to its site during the “off-season”.   The company seems hell-bent on upgrading and solidifying new relationships for its future.   All of this wont get players paid faster, but it should be noted the sportsbook is spending its time upgrading for a strong NFL season.

Bet911 Unable to Pay It’s Players

Yesterday, Bet911’s Robert has admitted the sportsbook is unable to pay its players.  This was reported by EOG moderator Blondie.  To make matters worse, SBR stated it received confirmation from Moneybookers that Bet911 had no funds in its account to pay its players.  SBRB has repeatedly voiced concern over the financial abilities of Bet911.  In fact, a member of Bet911 commented on one of our post.  See the quote below:

Steve Jonas Says:
March 10, 2010 at 6:06 pm e

The other thing that surprises me is that at least 99% of the users have great things to say about us paying super fast… but this ”insider claims that Bet911 lacks the funds. I see a bit of inconsistencies in this ”article”.

You can also read the entire article and full comments here-

Do you believe us now?

We hope players  pass on Bet911 until they have at least a few years of compliant free business.

Play safe and secure with SBRB.

Bet911 New “No Pay” Fears

Major web portal Sportsbook Review is once again being flooded with Bet911 payout complaints.   One such player is a respected gambler and the owner of Peeps Place.

The Canadian gambler is on record saying, “I have filed an SBR complaint form. I have never heard of a moneybookers account being broken into before, I do not believe any of this story for a second.”

Of course other Bet911 players have chimed in complaining they are not getting paid as well.   Some of these no pay and slow pay reports can be viewed on EOG who actually markets the sportsbook.

In other news, Bet911 Robert who usually champions the book has remained silent. With Robert silent and Carl gone who’s left to shill bonuses and spread Bet911 propaganda?

Sportsbook Review Blog has continued to preach caution when considering playing at this book.  The reasons are many, but history is usually a good indication.

Will this latest flurry of complaints feed our deja vu feeling’s or will Bet911 step up and prove us wrong.  We are once again pulling for the later.

**Update**-Peep was paid out (via Moneybookers) the next day, but other non-famous gambling posters have not.  Players can find more safety and better value betting elsewhere.   It begs the question, how does a book with a solid no pay and slow pay history since 2007 have a C grade?

Legendary EOG Founder Confirmed Dead

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Kenneth Weitzner (Owner of EOG) has killed himself along with his wife in what is said to have been an apparent double suicide.   The couple passed away in their home in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Kenneth Weitzner aka The Shrink was both loved and disliked in and outside the offshore betting industry.  His legacy includes creating the popular web portal The RX   and Eye on Gambling.   He had a loyal following at EOG and was instrumental in building up the popularity of offshore betting over the last decade.  Mr. Weitzner also worked for super gambler Billy Walters.

Our deepest condolences go out to his family, the posters at EOG, and all those affected by this legends passing.